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The Brain of Oak

My name is John, but also known as Pickles or Oak and welcome to my high maintenence personal blog. I'm a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, Homestuck, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and occasionally other fandoms as well. I also reblog the occasional feminist, LGTBIQ or political things as well. Occasional NSFW as well, but I try to tag it as such. I live in Australia yo so g'day or something.

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Apr 16 '14

So I covered the awful pink table top with wood grain print contact paper and it definitely looks better now.
Also this is an attempt at an outdoorsy type of set up though I lack a fence lol.


So I covered the awful pink table top with wood grain print contact paper and it definitely looks better now.

Also this is an attempt at an outdoorsy type of set up though I lack a fence lol.

Apr 16 '14



trying to teach your friend how to ride a bike


are we allowed to ask WHY THIS PHOTO EXISTS?

Apr 16 '14

oak23 asked:



I did not forget to hit anon again tell me how sexy he is

Apr 16 '14

like no the male nudity in kill la kill was played off for laughs and had nowhere near the amount of close ups or in context submissive nudity that the females had

Apr 16 '14

When people miss the point entirely.



While searching for reference photos of Synchronized Ryuko, I found this:


Before we begin, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I’m not trying to bash the artist or ridicule them. This is  obviously an edit, but it’s still very nice, and you can tell they put a lot of work into it. It’s understandable that some people would feel uncomfortable about the kamui. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this reworked version of Senketsu shows a blatant misunderstanding of the themes in Kill La Kill.

I think we all know the plot by know. Clothing is man’s original sin. Life Fibers landed on Earth and covered humanity’s earliest ancestors in order for them to evolve into the perfect food source. Man gained knowledge by submitting itself to beings that wished to devour it. Flash forward to the present, Ragyo and the REVOCS corporation, a clothing company that controls 100% of the world’s clothing, has embedded every article of clothing they sell with Life Fibers in preparation for the takeover. Nudist Beach, a group of literally almost naked rebels, has formed to try to stop humanity’s destruction by Life Fibers.

These two organizations show the main theme of Kill La Kill very well. Clothing is sin. Nakedness is purity, thanks to the Life Fibers. All the good guys are pretty much nude. The bad guys are clothed. Pretty simple. However, this symbolism pales in comparison to that of the kamui. 


So, these are the outfits that have people’s panties in a wad. (lol) As you can see, they’re very skimpy. But if you honestly think that these outfits were designed like that because of “fanservice”, you’re dead wrong. Yeah, there is fan service in Kill La Kill, but these outfits were not designed for the purpose of titillating the male audience. They go straight back to the whole point of Kill La Kill. Clothing is sin. The less covered you are by Life Fibers, the less they can control you. The whole crux of the issue is, to fight Life Fibers, you pretty much have to wear them. So, in order for outfits like the kamui, which are made of 100% Life Fibers to give the wearer maximum capabilites, to be usable, they have to be pretty fucking revealing. Otherwise, you get this:



Say hello to Evil Ryuko. This is her wearing Junketsu after Ragyo  brainwashed her and made her come over to her side. Isn’t is just so nice and tame? It’s covering almost everything!! Too bad she’s technically on the bad guy’s side while wearing this. Oh wait, that’s the point. Ryuko is almost completely covered, signifying she’s submitted to the Life Fibers and Ragyo. She fully embraces the “power of clothing” and lambastes Satsuki for wanting to obtain the power of Life Fibers without submitting to them when she wears Senketsu.. But none of this even compares to freaking Shinra-Koketsu, the “Ultimate Kamui”:


What. The. Fuck. This takes covered to a whole new level. You see her face and her hands, and that’s it. And this is the ultimate Kamui worn by the the ultimate Big Bad in KLK. Clothing is sin, for sure. If this doesn’t illustrate that fact, then I don’t know what does. Ragyo gives no fucks about humanity, embraces the ever-loving shit out of Life Fibers, and, as a result, this happens. And since she embraces Life Fibers, unlike Ryuko, she doesn’t give a fuck if they control her. 

I hope this illustrates why the kamui in KLK aren’t fanservice. While that edit triggered this, this whole rant is mostly at people who think Kill La Kill is some super pervert show with no plot or redeeming qualities because of one aspect of the damn show that has an explanation. 

see, here’s the thing

you’re ignoring the part where human beings designed this system when creating the work. They then made a series of decisions where they

A: chose to make clothing symbolize evil and nakedness good

and B: chose to tell this story with a cast of attractive young women

"But if you honestly think that these outfits were designed like that because of “fanservice”, you’re dead wrong. Yeah, there is fan service in Kill La Kill, but these outfits were not designed for the purpose of titillating the male audience."

the outfits were designed by human beings who exist in a world where women are objectified in pretty much all forms of media, and still chose to create an anime starring these women who are (forcefully) taught that goodness = nudity. the argument that the costumes themselves were not designed for the purpose of tittilation only works if you ignore any context at all in the show’s creation.

I’d like to take another look at the costume itself for a minute.

look at how the strap across the back of the costume accentuates the curves of her back and rear. Look at how the straps in the front go across from her breats to her crotch in a V pattern, showing off her perfectly flat stomach while also leading the viewer’s eyes to her vagina. See how the garters connect to her pantyhose and go down her legs, again accentuating their shapeliness and desirability.

And if clothing is evil, why is she wearing high heels?

You can’t say that the costumes in KLK aren’t designed to tittilate, but only with the themes of the story in mind. The very function of the costume is to show off the sexual attractiveness of Ryuko: otherwise, why have straps and garters at all, if less clothes = purer?

And why star teen girls in those roles? Why not a fat, hairy man?

Listen: you’re free to enjoy whatever anime you want. But you can’t deflect valid criticism of how women are portrayed in Kill La Kill by arguing that it’s all just for the service of the narrative. That’s ignoring everything about the costume itself that only works to sexualize the person wearing it, and ignoring the choice made by the (straight, male) producers to use nudity as their visual shortcode for “good” in their story, and to tell that story with conventionally attractive teen girls.

Apr 16 '14

i think kill la kill would have been stronger if it was an unattractive adult man being forced to wear skimpy ass clothing to make the typical moe blob viewer more uncomfortable and to see how unnecessary the panty shots and baring of skin is

instead of, you know, teenaged girls being exploited for their bodies and being sexually humiliated 

Apr 16 '14


So I never did like the Twilight Saga, but I certainly liked the villain Victoria and the doll that came out. However, the doll is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pale the only possible skin tone matches were Japanese brand bodies but they were either too thin and teenager like or they were too buff and muscular, really expensive Integrity Toys limited Edited dolls with way too much height or, if you’re cheap like me, a Disney store Mother Gothel was a almost light enough.

So it’s nice having a properly jointed, Barbie proportioned body for Victoria as well since the skintone is kind of impossible to match well, I’m willing to take any matches now lol.

The clone body also was missing an arm, but I managed to put a DS Mother Gothel arm in it by cracking open the arm and shaving bits down to fit. She currently has masking tape to hold it together as Superglue is kinda finnicky.

I’m kind of sad that the store has no more Fashionista knockoffs cuz this skin tone is hard to find but hey, I officially got two of my most palest dolls new bodies that I’m quite happy with.

Apr 16 '14



So I went to the store that qwgramblings pointed out had the knock off fashionista Barbie and while I did find it, it was missing an arm. I hemmed and hawwed about getting it, but then I found a really old and dusty Gloria furniture pack for a lawn chair set and I decided that if I was buying one thing from the store I’ll buy both cuz hey I do need super pale Barbie bods for parts and such and a $5 pacxk for cheap doll furniture. Unfortunately there was no other FashionStar dolls or Gloria packs.but hey I got what I got.

Also I stopped by the Daiso and grabbed this patch of grass and a Elly doll dress cuz I realised a blue maid outfit was basically an Alice in Wonderland dress.

Also hey my Wicked Witch came in the mail and she’s the 2008 version with a speaker.

They have grass at Daiso? OMG, where has this been all my life?

(Thank you for this. Going to Highpoint tomorrow.)

I’m so sorry the doll has one arm! I thought the doll they had there was one in a dress, so maybe someone bought it? If I ever see any others I’ll let you know.

I bought the Gloria furniture from there as well, a few months ago. Don’t try and disassemble it once it’s put together - I tried it and I snapped half the pegs on the chairs. :/

Yeah the grass is in the first aisle sitting in a pile. I may go back and grab another just cuz I can do outside shots now haha.

It’s not your fault! It’s just a little disappointing but I managed to find a fix for the doll and yeah. Lols I just find it uncomfortable to frequent that store even if I go to Savers every so often lol.

Yeah the Gloria furniture is very finnicky but it’s definitely better than Barbie junk lol

Apr 16 '14


So here is my wicked Witch I’ve enhanced by repainting the iris/eyeliner to closer resemble her promo photos (and to look less ridiculous) and dressed her in the 2006 Wicked Witch dress as its the only outfit I have that fits the body.

I’ll definitely grab a different body and outfit for her as my whitebalance on my camera was acting up and it definitely hates photographing all black outfits.

Apr 16 '14


The Gloria furniture set had absolutely no instructions on how to assemble it so I spent some time trying and failing to put it together. But I think I put it together well enough for photos.

The lawn chairs are a great height width and depth for male dolls to sit in so that means most of my other dolls can comfortably stick in it. The lawn chair with roof thingy is way too low and ridiculous looking so I’m glad I can display it without it. The chairs came with cushions but theyre kinda badly made and I prefer the chairs without them.

Surprisingly the things I don’t like I dont need them for use so it’s great to buy doll furniture in a colour I can like lol.