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The Brain of Oak

My name is John, but also known as Pickles or Oak and welcome to my high maintenance personal blog. I'm a fan of Monster High, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and occasionally other fandoms as well. I also reblog the occasional feminist, LGTBIQA or political things as well. Occasional NSFW as well, but I try to tag it as such. I live in Australia yo so g'day or something.

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Sep 15 '12
Lol, this is mostly a gag sculpt, but something I’ve been wanting to do just because I really like the youtube series “Friendship is Witchcraft” but never had an actual ‘canon’ design to go off from the series. So when I saw this AMAZING character I knew I had to have her in custom form.

RIP Raincloud, you were always one of us.
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    You know, the real tragedy in Raincloud’s death is that she was, apparently, the only decent person in FiW’s screwy...
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    This figure beautifully captures her resolute expression as she makes her greatest sacrifice.
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    too perfect
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