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The Brain of Oak

My name is John, but also known as Pickles or Oak and welcome to my high maintenance personal blog. I'm a fan of Monster High, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and occasionally other fandoms as well. I also reblog the occasional feminist, LGTBIQA or political things as well. Occasional NSFW as well, but I try to tag it as such. I live in Australia yo so g'day or something.

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Oct 20 '13

Ah yes, another Rarity doll, this time I did on a Fairy Barbie put on a Barbie body because her purple hair was perfect for Rarity. My headcanon of her is that she’s Asian so I tried doing the epicanthic folds to varying degrees of success. I also tried to combat the grinning tooth smile of her sculpt by only painting a small section of teeth and filling the rest in with lip shading.

Her horn is a transplanted Cadence pony toy horn and her dress is a Liv doll dress.

All hail Rarity.

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